Probationary Firefighter Fitness Program  (PFF-Fit)

High levels of arerobic fitness, muscular endurance, strength, and flexibility are needed to train for and perform the demanding tasks of firefighting safely and effectively. Beginning with Recruit Academy, the message is clear:  Train for the job like your life depends upon it - because it does. 

The Probationary Firefighter Fitness Program (PFF-Fit) aims to establish a career-long fitness approach by instilling a culture of safe and effective physical exercise training among new firefighters at Tucson Fire Department.  The objectives of the pilot program are: 

  • Establish physical fitness training regimens that will provide probationary firefighters (PFF) with the skills and knowledge needed to maintain peak fitness and prevent on-duty injury throughout their career.
  • Provide the probationary firefighter with reliable access to Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) coaching and supervisor support from the time they enter Recruit Academy training through their probationary period of station duty. 
  • Monitor and assess the fitness and wellness of the new PFF throughout the entire program.


Tucson Fire Department piloted the PFF-Fit pilot program in 2012-2013, incorporating the following components:

  • Peer Fitness Trainers (PFTs) plan and conduct physical training sessions at the recruit academy, and establish rapport with the new recruits.
  • Graduating recruits, now probationary firefighters (aka 'probies' or 'boots'), are assigned a PFT mentor. The PFT works with the PFF throughout the first year of duty to establish structured station workout routines and conduct periodic fitness assessments to guide the probie's fitness maintenance efforts. 
  • Station Captains provide feedback to the PFF and PFT, promote workout time, and monitor the probie's exercise skills and knowledge as per TFD training module guidelines. 
  • Program effectiveness will be reviewed through feedback from all stakeholders (PFF, PFT, Captains and TFD management).